Our People

Client Services

While managing investment portfolios is at the core of what we do, we provide a wide range of services for our clients in order to help them manage, simplify and consolidate their financial affairs. This holistic approach allows us to integrate the full scope of a client's financial picture. Clients benefit from our ability to help address questions which they may not have even considered, in addition to the ones they might initially raise on their own. Ultimately, consolidating their affairs brings clients a breadth of service and peace of mind at a very competitive fee. Our services include:


  • Corporate trustee
  • Individual custody
  • Scheduled remittances to client or vendor accounts
  • IRA distributions and funding
  • Annual family and charitable gifts

Trust Services:

With nearly two-thirds of the assets we manage held in trust, we understand the important role that a carefully drafted estate plan can play in achieving a variety of desired objectives. Typically it is how a family's assets are held that provides the most effective after-tax result. While we do not perform legal services, we live within the confines and constraints of estate planning documents, and have developed an in-depth understanding of the legal and tax issues unique to various types of trust instruments. Given this expertise, we are commonly asked by clients to:

  • Serve as an individual trustee
  • Provide trust administration / probate accounting
  • Provide foundation and charitable trust management / accounting
  • Provide irrevocable life insurance trust administration

Tax Preparation & Advice:

We use our in-house staff of tax professionals to prepare tax returns for many clients, and to help answer tax-related questions or concerns that commonly arise during the investment management and estate planning process. Specific services include:

  • Tax preparation (Individual, Trust, Foundation, Gift, Estate, Corporate, Partnership)
  • Tax advice and retirement planning
  • Required minimum distribution calculations
  • Estimated tax payments
  • Roth IRA conversions


We also perform the following estate-related duties, usually in conjunction with a client's estate planning attorney:

  • Estate settlement
  • Executor role
  • Generational gifts
  • Real estate / personal property ownership and transfer

Financial Planning:

Many of our clients share at least two areas of concern: 1) not outliving their assets and 2) leaving some sort of legacy to the next generation. While broad-based in its scope, our financial planning is focused on addressing these dual concerns through:

  • Income / cash flow projections
  • Mortgage / refinancing decisions
  • Lease vs. buy decisions
  • Education planning
  • Recommended estate planning vehicles

Charitable Giving

We help many clients determine and achieve their philanthropic goals, including how to ensure these values transfer to the next generation. We administer these gifts via:

  • Annual gifts (both cash and stock)
  • Donor-advised funds
  • Foundations
  • Charitable trusts