We are pleased to announce Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing at Howland Capital. 

May 2019
Julianna Donovan

We are pleased to announce Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing at Howland Capital. 

What is ESG investing?

ESG investing enables investors to align their investment activities with their environmental, social and corporate governance values. Companies, governments, investors and other key stakeholders recognize that environmental and social sustainability and corporate responsibility are critical to ensuring the long-term viability and prosperity of global populations and ecosystems. Therefore, they are increasingly focused on corporate behavior that aligns with ESG principles.  As companies endeavor to produce and operate in more sustainable ways, investors are increasingly evaluating and scoring these efforts and their impact across environmental, social and governance factors. Below are a few examples:

ESG at Howland Capital

Our experience with ESG investing dates back to 2010 when we began integrating ESG principles into the management of select accounts upon request.  Around the same time, we started integrating ESG principles into our investment research process. We believe this integration is essential when investing with a long-term time horizon.

As of the beginning of this year, we manage more than $50 million in assets with client-driven ESG principles in mind.  Our years of experience and reflection on the merits of ESG investing culminated in the creation of this offering.

Key elements of Howland Capital’s ESG offering:

  • We leverage our core, fundamentally-driven research and investment process. By adding an additional layer of discipline and analysis by actively incorporating ESG principles as we seek to identify and invest in companies that demonstrate peer-leading attributes across E, S and G.
  • We maintain a performance parity objective. Our goal is for ESG portfolio performance to be in-line with the firm’s overall investment results.
  • We view ESG investing as a continuum. ESG means different things to different people.  Our offering is customizable to specific client values, and will be constructed using separately managed accounts.
  • We use independent, third-party ESG research. Howland Capital uses extensive research provided by an industry-leading ESG research provider with vast resources and high-quality analysis. We overlay our own investigative process, leveraging this research, to identify investments that meet the firm’s core investment criteria as well as client-specific ESG wishes.

Interested in learning more?  Please call us at 617-357-9110, or email to ESG@HowlandCapital.com

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