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Investment Management

As your adviser, we are more focused on how we can help than how much you have.

We invest your assets in accordance with your goals & objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon.

It is all about balance.

Your goals are a critical component of the investment program we construct for you. We tailor our approach to address your needs.

Our Capabilities

Investment Policy Statement

We create a roadmap with you that is aligned with your goals, tolerance for risk and time horizon.

Asset Allocation

We work with you to choose the investment model that most closely matches your needs and goals.

Portfolio Construction

We construct client investment programs and implement them in a disciplined fashion. While we are constantly focused on the financial markets and macro economy, we do not change our investment strategy based on fads or other short-term trends. We invest for the long term.

Tax Sensitivity

We recognize that some clients have specific cash flow needs and plan for them in a tax-sensitive manner. We monitor our clients’ tax liability throughout the year and take this into account in our investment decision-making.

Monitoring & Rebalancing

We review client portfolios both individually and as a portfolio management team, rebalancing as appropriate, given client-specific circumstances.

Performance Reporting

We measure and report performance quarterly. When we evaluate performance, we take into account not only the portfolio itself, but how it is doing relative to client goals and objectives. Client satisfaction is our highest priority.

Our Process

Our portfolio management team meets weekly to review holdings and evaluate new investment ideas. Our collective wisdom and experience combined with a culture that embraces open dialogue and collaboration lead to effective investment decision-making and implementation.

We are focused on high quality holdings in our clients’ portfolios. We are happy to discuss with you the particular companies whose shares we hold in your portfolio

Peter Dixon, Chief Investment Officer, Partner & Portfolio Manager


We are investment professionals with a goal to ensure that wealth acts as a positive influence in your life. We are always here to answer any questions.

I want to take risks, but I don't want to lose sleep. What do I do?

There are many factors that influence what amount of risk is appropriate for you. Let’s discuss your financial goals and determine what risk level matches your goals, time horizon, and personality. You can take risk and sleep at night!

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