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Women & Wealth

Women are not just the future of investing, they are the now.

Women have a greater influence on the economy than ever before.

Women not only own and control greater wealth, but they are also changing the direction of wealth management and the goals of wealth creation. At Howland Capital, we understand that women and men approach investing differently. We respect and respond to these differences.

Our Capabilities

Life Events Planning

Women often make major decisions not just for themselves, but for their families as well. We work with our clients to think through the implications of their decision-making on their financial resources.

Divorce Financial Planning

Divorce often brings changes to your financial picture. Because women, on average, underearn their male partners, we are particularly attuned to the financial effects of divorce on women. We’ll work with you to understand your options and make important choices during the divorce process.

Wealth Education

All women should have a seat at the table when it comes to discussing finances. We pride ourselves in making financial terms and concepts understandable to all of our clients and especially women, as we believe that empowering women to participate fully in their financial affairs benefits us all.

Our goal is to help women address their unique financial challenges and complexities.

A hallmark of our service offerings is that each one is customized to a client’s unique circumstances. At the same time, we draw upon our experience and learnings over many years to better serve women.

“Historically, women have been less likely to invest than men. But that is changing fast. Women are increasingly taking on leadership roles.”

Lexi Gibbs, CFP, Partner & Portfolio Manager

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