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Travis D. Davis

Assistant Portfolio Administrator

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With Howland Since 2021

Travis recently started working at Howland Capital as of December 2021. Travis works as the Assistant Portfolio Administrator in the Administrative Department. Travis graduated from Salem State University in the spring of 2021 and has earned a B.S. in Business Management. Throughout Travis’s college career he worked on behalf of the Bertolon School of Business as a Student Success Fellow. As a Success Fellow he worked alongside many of the business students, helping set up their class schedules, and conducted annual information seminars for the incoming class years. During the summer he worked as a Music/Piano Teacher in his hometown of Lynn, MA, at an After School Music Program known as Building Bridges Through Music.


Travis is a multi-talented musician who can play a total of 8 instruments and enjoys arranging and composing music! During his free time he also enjoys travelling, going on hikes in the mountains of New Hampshire and trying out different cultural foods/recipes.

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