On A Charitable Note

Howland Capital can help you make the greatest impact with your charitable gifts of cash or appreciated stock. With so many worthy organizations out there, we know it can be tough to decide. Kate Grundy, VP of Foundation Services, offers her suggestions for how to make the most impact with your charitable donations this year.

“Our most vulnerable citizens have been disproportionately affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and they continue to be at great risk,” she says. “Donating to community-based groups directly helps those in need, while supporting organizations that have had to forego revenue from events and activities.”

In her role supporting our clients’ charitable giving, Kate works with organizations across a range of issue areas, including youth, environmental sustainability, the arts, and social justice. She offers her guidance based on clients’ interests and passions. We would welcome the opportunity to hear about and
support your charitable giving as well!

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